Dancers, teachers, studio owners, and parents… words cannot describe how thankful we are to have such an amazing group of people continuously attend and support our dance competitions. During the 2014 season, we’ve had the pleasure of offering over 20 incredible events across North America where dancers of all ages and skill levels can participate in a fair and enjoyable competitive environment. Through continuous innovation, consistent focus, high standards, and a passion for dance… we are proud to be able to provide dancers with an experience they will treasure for a lifetime.

Each season starts off with the hard work of our incredible staff, who put countless hours into making Candance the best. From travelling across the country to building world class stages - our Candance team strives to ensure that each and every dancer attending our events is having fun. We are grateful to be one of Canada’s top employers in the dance industry, with dedicated individuals who have continued on with us for many many years since their first day at Candance. To those staff who have moved on this year - counting you among our team is something for which we are forever thankful; and to those who continue on with us - we look forward to another fantastic season... 



Candance will continue on in the memory of Joe Noce. He will be truly missed by family and friends.


It was an amazing event that left our dancers motivated and inspired and excited for another great season ahead. Your event is like no other that I have attended. The professionalism of your staff and assistance given throughout the week was beyond helpful.”
Nicole Garland (Studio Owner)
Turning Pointe Dance Academy  - Toronto, ON