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Tour Dates

Coming to a city near you!

Browse through our upcoming tour dates, or check out our official
Tour Dates page where detailed information can be found.

Boca Raton, FL, USA  |  February 9 – 10
Spanish River High School

Montréal, QC  |  March 14 – 17
Palais des Congrès

Toronto, ON – #1  |  March 21 – 24
**Small Studio Exclusive**
John Bassett Theatre

Toronto, ON – #2  |  March 28 – 31
John Bassett Theatre

Mississauga, ON  |  April 4 – 7
Living Arts Centre

Huntsville, ON – #1  |  April 5 – 7
**Small Studio Exclusive**
Deerhurst Resort

Burlington, ON  |  April 11 – 14
Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Ottawa, ON  |  April 11 – 14
E.Y. Centre

Regina, SK  |  April 24 – 28
Conexus Arts Centre

Halifax, NS  |  May 2 – 5
Bella Rose Theatre

Orillia, ON  |  May 3 – 4
**Novice/Pre-Comp Exclusive**
Orillia Opera House

Brockville, ON  |  May 9 – 12
Brockville Performing Arts Centre

Calgary, AB  |  May 8 – 12
The Edge School

Huntsville, ON – #2  |  May 16 – 19
Deerhurst Resort

Abbotsford, BC |  May 17 – 19
Abbotsford Arts Centre

Red Deer, AB – #1 |  May 17 – 20
Sheraton Convention Centre

Red Deer, AB – #2 |  May 17 – 20
Red Deer College Theatre

Syracuse, NY, USA |  May 24 – 26
Crouse Hinds Theater

Niagara Falls, ON |  May 24 – 26
Scotiabank Convention Centre

Fredericton, NB  |  May 30 – 31
Fredericton Playhouse

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A Different Experience

Professional Stages & Venues

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Truly Unique Experience

A strong focus on providing the best possible stages & venues giving dancers a true competition experience at all our events.

Organized Event Schedule

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Always On Time!

Providing accurate schedules and staying “on-time” gives dancers, parents, and teachers flexibility throughout the day at each event.

Family-Friendly Environment

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Invite your whole squad!

Producing a fun & safe event at all of our locations making Candance the perfect competition for your dancers and their families.

Recent News

What’s new at Candance?

Here you’ll find some of our latest news & updates for the upcoming tour! Don’t miss out!

Where Champions Are Born.

Top 5 Reasons

Here are the top five reasons hundreds of dance studios nationwide choose to compete at Candance every year.

Dance competitions provide an excellent opportunity – several times a year – for dancers to showcase their work on the stage in a high-stakes environment. This teaches them how to rehearse effectively and work efficiently in class. Competition dancers know how to work the stage and, simply put – its because competitions give them the opportunity to do so.

Dancers get to hear personalized thoughts, opinions, and expertise from dozens of industry professionals after each performance. Not only do these help dancers improve – but it aids them and their teachers in understanding how to dissect their choreography and find new ways to make their performance more appealing to the audience. This alone should be reason enough to consider competitive dance.

Competitive dance offers an excellent way to get your face in front of so many industry experts and professionals as well as make countless lasting and useful connections with like-minded peers that could help you further your career. Establishing a large network of connections becomes a huge asset down the road when looking for jobs or auditioning to perform in your favourite productions.

Various intensives, audition invitations, conventions, and event Broadway shows and university dance programs have begun to notice the incredible talent that comes with being a competitive dancer. These organizations have rapidly begun offering millions of dollars in scholarships to competitive dancers for their respective programs. These opportunities are constantly in front of you during competition weekends while you take advantage of all the other benefits of dancing competitively.

Competitions have inclined dancers, teachers, and choreographers to simply become better. Over the past 20 years dancers have been trained to perform at levels far beyond what their age groups would have been expected to do on the stage. Competitions provide inspiration – constantly pushing the limits of creativity and proving that the human body has few boundaries. Through this constant inspiration dancers have benefited and excelled in ways never before thought possible.

Special Features

2019 Tour Starting Soon!

Become A Champion

Candance offers tons of exciting features and events throughout the entire dance season giving dancers of all ages a chance to take part in unique contests/giveaways, aside from the traditional elements of a dance competition. 

  • Most Photogenic Contest
  • People’s Choice Awards
  • International Touring Team
  • Social Media Contests

Check out our Features page for more information on how to participate throughout the year, and to stay up to date with our current champions/giveaways! We have some exciting new things planned for our 2019 season and we can’t wait to share them with you!!

Title Soloist Competition

Candance offers a one of a kind Title Soloist Competition hosted at our National Finals Event. This is a chance for dancers to push past their limits, step out of their comfort zones, make new and everlasting friendships and compete against the best of the best. The title soloist competitors have a chance to:

  • Audition classes in 5 different genres
  • Learn an exciting opening number choreographed by a celebrity choreographer
  • Perform the opening number on title solo day and at the Banquet
  • Participate in Video Interviews
  • Compete their solos against the top dancers from across North America
  • Chances to be awarded in a multitude of ways including; top scores in each class, talent and congeniality
  • Title winners get to join us in any city on our regional tour and perform their solo to close off our Diamond Dance Offs at participating regional events.

This is an opportunity dancers will never forget. Register today for your chance at being Candance competition’s next Title Soloist Champion!



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“ Still on such a high. The diamond dance off was spectacular. Every routine was showcased so professionally with Lighting that was unique to each routine. As a studio director I so appreciate the little things that matter. What a privilege it was just to be in the dance off. Well run, organized, judges who were bang on (and I know based on the placements within our students. As teachers we are well aware of where we rank our students and the judges got it right)! Accommodating and friendly staff and the biggest plus of all. Candance is truly a competition where all forms of dance are equally acknowledged and rightfully adjudicated. Thank you Danny and Debbie for an incredible weekend at Deerhurst. See you next year!! ”

Studio Director, Bojangles Dance Arts

” A class act all the way! Fun atmosphere, supportive owners & judges, incredible caliber of dancing, VERY well organized, always on-time (or ahead)…one of the best comps we have ever been to. Highly recommend! ”

Studio Owner, Anonymous

” We love candance so much!!! One of the best competitions!!! Can’t wait for nationals!!!!!!! So excited!!! ”

Mary Ann, Spectator