Our Mission

We are one of North America’s leading providers in the dance industry. Using our brand as a family, friendly, fun and professional experience and focus on high quality events for dancers of all ages and abilities. We deliver on our quality and keep striving to be innovative by moving forward as the dance world evolves.

With over 20 tour dates across Canada and the United States, there’s no better choice for your dancers than a Candance dance competition. Let your dancers experience a professional, engaging, challenging, and fun dance competition this season and see why Candance has been the #1 choice for most dance studios year after year.

Welcome to Candance

Candance has been a very successful family owned and operated business for 30 incredible years! Founded by their parents Brian and Faye Foley, Debbie and Joe Noce and Danny and Lisa Poland bring their extensive knowledge of the dance industry for over 30 years to Candance. From dancing professionally to adjudicating, teaching, choreographing and directing a successful dance studio, their expertise in the industry has earned them the highest respect amongst their peers. As quoted in “Goldrush” magazine, our family has been called “Canada’s First Family of Dance!”. Our goal is to bring you the best dance events possible! We are proud to have now grown to over 20 cities all across Canada and the United States!

Our Background

Choreographers 90%
Teachers 95%
Examiners 85%
Dancers 100%

Our Directors

Debbie Noce
Debbie NoceDirector
Debbie comes from a long line of dancers and has been actively involved in the dance business for over 35 years. Debbie has been a student, teacher, studio owner/director, choreographer, dance examiner and now competition owner/director and she has loved it all!
Danny Poland
Danny PolandDirector
Danny Poland was born and raised into the dance community. Throughout the years has accomplished numerous feats and inspired dancers around the world. Danny’s role in Candance as a director specializes in lighting, staging, and production of the show!
Lisa Poland
Lisa PolandDirector
Lisa Poland, born and raised in Calgary, AB. Shares with Candance her 30+ years of experience as a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and now director.

A Leader In Dance

Through constant innovation Candance strives to improve the dance competition experience for all of its dancers, parents, teachers, and studio owners. In 2013, Candance was the first dance competition in Canada to offer families the ability to watch our events live over the Internet, at no cost. Today, Candance has streamed its events to over 300,000 viewers and continues to improve its live streaming service year after year! Two years ago, Candance introduced the option for studio owners and teachers to upload their music in minutes rather than burning hundreds of discs – this also removed the risk of music skipping or stopping during a performance! Today, over 95% of studios at each of our events have used this new tool to upload over 100,00 tracks for use at our events. During the same season, Candance started offering free awards photos on its Facebook and Instagram pages! Last year, Candance continued to provide the families that attend our events the best dance competition experience possible. In the 2015 season, dancers found themselves featured in the  brand new web series – CandanceTV! Over 200,000 people around the world viewed the 16 episodes of Candance TV featuring the dancers, teachers, judges, special guests …and prop dads! Additionally, Candance introduced two brand new awards that allowed dancers, friends, and family to vote online: The Candance People’s Choice Awards and The Most Photogenic Contest! Both were a great success, with over half a million votes received in only one month! Recently celebrating our 30th Anniversary, Candance celebrated by introducing a whole new level to the competition – the EPIC award, given to the highest scoring routine in each genre of dance! Don’t miss these features and many others during our next season as we cross North America in search of the next upcoming champions – Register for Candance today!

Donations & Charity

People’s Choice Awards

Throughout years of success and your active participation in the Candance People’s Choice Awards, it has allowed us to network and give back to numerous charitable organizations helping make your community a better place!


13 & OVER – Eagle Eye | Perkins School of the Arts
(Donated $1000 to the American Cancer Society)

12 & UNDER – Raid | Ontario School of Ballet
(Donated $1000 to Doctors Without Borders)


13 & OVER – Regret Nothing | Perkins School of the Arts
(Donated $1000 to the American Cancer Society)

12 & UNDER – We Have Arrived | X-treme Dance Studio
(Donated $1000 to the IWK Foundation)


13 & OVER – Anatidae | Ontario School of Ballet
(Donated $1000 to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

12 & UNDER – Fix You | Perkins School of the Arts
(Donated $1000 to the American Cancer Society)

Here you will find some of the amazing organizations our champions have chosen to help:

Join Our Squad

Apply online today!

Thinking about an exciting new job opportunity? Join us this season as we journey across North America in search of the next #CandanceChampions! We’re now accepting Candance 2k19 Tour online applications for multiple positions in various cities along the way! Please indicate if you are a local looking for work in your area, or potentially willing to travel and do the entire tour!

Must be friendly/outgoing

Must be willing to work multiple disciplines

Must be punctual/courteous and friendly to staff/clients

Must be a TEAM PLAYER!

Contact Us

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We’re more than happy to help answer any and all questions you may have before competing at our competition! We accommodate all of our clients equally however some matters just require special attention, and we understand that.

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